Rich bird men will be "wedding suits the first brand"

Recently, the domestic leading men's brand rich bird men's autumn and winter 2012 new conference debut. More than 1,000 guests, including the rich bird leaders and rich bird partners, agents and distributors attended the conference. The conference, the rich bird men launched the "China's first wedding suit suit" Raiders. With the opening of the new Raiders, the brand has stepped into a new height and will surely "inherit the wealth and witness a century." China wedding suits the first brand launching ceremony to create "wedding suits the first brand" At the conference site, the rich bird group chairman Lin Heping, wealthy bird clothing division president Honghui Huang together with the spokesman Lu Yi jointly launched the "Chinese wedding suits the first brand" Raiders . For the new Raiders, rich golden bird million vice president of men's rights, said the rich bird brand in order to win the competition, we must find their own precise positioning, cut into the market segments to create fist products, to seize the minds of consumers , Is the development of the brand on the road, "and aimed at the wedding suit this market segment, wealthy bird is a rigorous market demonstration, combined with internal and external advantages of the development." Rich Man Bird Vice President Wan Jinquan released rich bird Men 2012 Year work in all centers "In 2011, the total direct consumption of urban residents in China due to marriage exceeded 700 billion yuan and the next ten years are all the peak wedding years. However, the current domestic wedding suits have not yet formed a climate and no strong brand dominated the country For the wealthy bird to become a "wedding suits the first brand," provides the opportunity and space. "Hung Hui Huang analyzed the" wedding suit Raiders "external factors. It is reported that the sales of wealthy bird suit products are annually growing at a rapid rate of 68%, its wedding suits for many years product development, production technology has a wealth of experience, and with many years of high-quality supplier partners. These are the rich bird men to create "wedding suits the first brand" of its own advantages. To bring love to travel show field In order to better promote wealthy birds towards the "China's first wedding wedding suit," rich bird men spend huge sums of money and Sina's wedding channel for in-depth cooperation. At the same time, the company also through the online community, Taobao Mall, terminal activities, media public relations and other new media for three-dimensional promotion. Just as Sun Shuo, the deputy general manager of SINA Marketing, came to the scene, the wealthy bird man has become the "First Brand of Chinese Wedding Suit". Management in-depth year to open a new chapter After two years of hard work, the wealthy bird men into its "county hegemony, one hundred regiment battle" strategy for the implementation of the third year. From "county dominating heroes" to "county dominance is bound to win," rich bird men have achieved dominance in the county-level market. On this basis, this year will be the rich management of the men's "management year." Honghui Huang said that in 2012 the core marketing center will be in-depth business management, customer service and brand precipitation. Marketing Center will be in-depth agent and branch management, terminal management and product management, and gradually establish ERP system engineering and retail management training system. "Around the" management in-depth year "theme, rich bird men's clothing production center will be in-depth plant management , Pay close attention to product quality, effectively enhance customer satisfaction; business center will be in-depth research and development of products to create the competitiveness of enterprises; human resources center in-depth business center to serve other centers and efficient services; deepen the management of financial centers to assist the total Agents, branch offices to establish financial monitoring system. On the one hand is the release of new Raiders, on the other hand is to lay a solid foundation, wealthy bird men will undoubtedly be the industry's most promising business casual brand. The main push three series of new products to "carry love travel" as the theme of the 2012 autumn and winter new releases make the guests were amazing. Especially the opening ceremony of the wedding show is to let countless audience moving: the swaying lights, dressed in wedding suits with a towering groom standing T station extension, the smoke slowly spread under the curtain, the beautiful bride dressed in exquisite ornate Wedding slim. Applause prolonged when they joined hands with the audience. In order to better meet the "wedding suits," the brand positioning, wealthy bird men to re-plan the original product, divided into "fashion leisure", "business casual", "life leisure" three series, design themes are the light of science and technology , City upstart, hiking. At the same time, in order to make rich bird internationalization, young and fashionable product style concept more vividly displayed on the product, respectively, with "F", "G", "N" three-letter English derivative meaning to represent The promotion of the new three series of style, that Fashion represents fashion, fashion, young and personality; Grade on behalf of grade, grade, simple business; Natural represents the natural, casual and comfortable life. In order to highlight the wedding suits, wealthy men to increase investment in wedding suits R & D investment, new baked wedding suits styles have more changes, pay more attention to collar, cuffs, hem, placket details of the design. Through the width and width of the collar, spell interpolation and other techniques used in the design changes, in order to create a distinctive wedding suits.