Brand Women love Lai Zi AILAIZI Foshan Nanhai Plaza opened it

Earlier this month, Ai Lai Zi AILAIZI brand women's clothing opened in Qingyuan shop, is now located in the popular Foshan Nanhai Plaza store has opened up. Love Lai Zi AILAIZI brand women's Nanhai shop is located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, Nanhai Road, No. 49 Nanhaihai Plaza, third floor, the new flagship store on April 26, 2014 grand opening. The opening day attracts many women who come here, but also has been the same industry partners strong support and praise. They all think that love Lai Zi Ai Lai Zi AILAIZI women's fashionable clothes, cutting not only self-cultivation and comfortable fabrics, put on the body immediately revealed the temperament out. With the modernized consumption pattern of "one stop, destination", Nanhai Plaza grasps the development trend of the future business and follows the combination concept of complementarity and mutual assistance. This enables the presence of various business functions in a powerful combination to create unlimited business opportunities and development space for businesses. Shopping, the business area of ​​over 20,000 square meters large department store Sky Blue Department Store, Nanhai Square in the bustling South China Sea stage, but also more popular shopping district, is a gathering place for high-end brands. Ailai Ailai brand women's clothing will continue to accelerate the pace of development, to add a high-end women's brand