Polyester knitted velvet transactions increase in volume

Recently, the sales volume of polyester filament knitted velvet in China Textile City increased partially. Due to the increase in subscriptions of counterparts entering the market, spot transactions in the traditional markets of China Textile City continued to increase, and the additional transaction volume also rose. The overall volume of polyester filament yarn knitwear transactions in the overall market increased partially. The spot transaction of polyester knitted fabrics rose partially, but the turnover of some small and medium-sized business operators remained insufficient. Polyester filament knitted velvet pendant-like flower varieties are still more, autumn and winter polyester filament yarn knit imitation cashmere transaction partially pushed up, 150DFDY × 100DFDY knitted printed single-sided cashmere, 150DFDY × 100DDTY knitted printed double-faced velvet counterparts hanging flowers Style models are still more, but some small and medium business cash register market is still insufficient, the daily turnover showed a partial upward trend. Polyester filament knit warp velvet transaction partially pushed up, warp knitted velvet, knitted plush, knitted velvet printing and dyeing varieties continue to have small quantities of more varieties of color flower pattern decentralized transactions, local sales growth in a day. Although the number of hand-printed flower brushes is still relatively large, the spot listing of some small and medium-sized business operators is still limited. The small-scale business deals are still dominated by small and sporadic ones. However, the transaction volume of some large- Sales shocks pushed up. Up to now, the overall market price trend of knitted cashmere fabrics, mainly polyester filament yarn, is basically stable. 150DFDY × 100DFDY knitted printed double-faced velvet, 150D semi-light FDY × 100DDTY knitted printed double-faced velvet, 150DFDY × 100DDTY semi-elastic knitted printed double-faced velvet and 150DFDY × 150DDTY semi-elastic knitted double- 150D semi-light FDY × 100DDTY dyed knitted double-sided cashmere local relatively dynamic, due to the amount of stock market is big or small, the operating retail volume of different sizes.