Fashion small fish 2013 spring new conference ended successfully

Fashion fish fashion theme "love" fish "Nature" fashion spring 2013 new product launches and Dali Station - Dali station full of oriental charm of the Dali romantic Hotel ended. Dozens of provinces from across the country agents, franchisees gathered together with all the investors at the scene to witness the "fashion fish" growth and fashion. Erhai Lake with blue waves, perennial verdant Cangshan beauty, "Fashion Fish" 2013 spring new conference and Dali unique charm of the natural world clever fusion, feel the spring 2013 "fashion fish" for everyone to bring love and nature Trend and surprise. Bamboo and lace in the fashion fairyland made of, butterflies and flowers Zhengyan, logs and glass form a perfect visual collision, showing a colorful, full of fashion vibrant spring ... ... this season's clothing, accessories, in Zhang Xian its natural Confident characteristics, but also exudes a vibrant spring vitality and endless care. From inside to outside exudes the child's personality charm and self-confidence temperament, natural and yet innocent, lively and full of meaning. This season clothing continues adhering to the "let the children grow up in confidence" brand mission and "fashion fish" environmental protection, low-carbon city declaration. Over the years, "Fashion Fish" has been actively involved in the cultural transmission of caring for the healthy growth of children around the world. It is dedicated to letting every child show their own personality and give birth to nature in this vibrant and energetic spring. Exhausted personality, so that their growth - that is, "fish" is the "fashion fish" has been the relentless development goals.