BROOGIRL Brugge to create a real princess-like pride and confidence

Brugge first proposed costumes, advocating the "life like a princess," a new concept of dress culture, and accordingly created the "new Lolita" dress style. Japan Tokyo famous brand planning agency Tokyo shallow い キ ー の ブ ラ ン ド plan based on the Brugge costumes "like a princess live" concept of the core clothing culture, the BROOGIRL brand precision positioning to help "cherish the princess's dream, the pursuit of quality of life, full of artistic conservation, Elegant and Elegant "women realize the long-cherished princess's desire to lead BROOGIRL women to realize the essential transformation from real life to" live like a princess "so as to help BROOGIRL women to establish true princess-like pride and confidence." New Lori Tower "style perfect combination of the European medieval Rococo period refined, soft art elements and Victorian nobility characteristics, and then into the Japanese popular Lolita costumes style sweet, exaggerated style features. Unique, highly connotative brand style memorable, impressive New positioning of the "new Lolita" style implies both the elegant brand, subtle new appeal, but also reflects the girl-like fantasy, sweet, with more color Trendy and gentle but rich and colorful, the process more attention to detail embellishment and processing, the version of the more pursuit of fit effect "New Lolita" style of dress creation, was born, represents the BROOGIRL brand contains the spirit of innovation and brand symbol of maturity .