Underwear drying tips Do you know how to save the underwear it

Underwear as a girl to accompany most of my life a dress, how to choose is a very important thing, how to wash after buying a home, save it is also a very important thing, the little fairy you know how to save the underwear drying, These precautions must pay attention Oh, fairies come take a look at it. The first wet underwear to be washed to the middle of the cup and the cup to hang up, or clip with no elastic place, hanging upside down. Avoid hanging directly on the shoulder strap, the weight of the water will gradually stretch the shoulder strap, resulting in wearing underwear docile problem. After the second wash underwear to dry immediately, can not be lazy on the clothes bucket, so as not to underwear in a long time in the wet state, resulting in folds and fading, and wet environment will grow bacteria underwear growth. There are direct sunlight will cause clothing yellow, shrink, so be sure to dry in a cool place.