Typhoon Mama typhoon is about to land like this dress more secure

The typhoon has double peaks again ... According to the monitoring by the Hong Kong Observatory, No. 16 Typhoon Mauva this year is located at 5 o'clock in the morning on the northern coast of the South China Sea and is moving north and west at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour. It is estimated that on September 3 Afternoon to night in Shanwei, Guangdong to Fujian Zhangpu coastal landing! In recent days typhoons can be described as one for the work of the OL who, in the face of unpredictable temperature and storm "baptism", how to wear in order to be safe on the typhoon days without losing the elegance of He Vatican Women to teach How about you In the face of the typhoon, the wind may not necessarily be there, but the 3-4 grade of the small wind that is sure, if you do not want to "Happy Together" in such a weather, then please do not wear A dress, pettiskirt, etc. , Because the wind blows perhaps you have a Marilyn Monroe-like sexy posture, it is safe to wear pants or more appropriate. For example, this figure with He Vatican this match, a white shirt with pants, both simple and concise and elegant, and a removable vest allows you better in the typhoon, easily respond to indoor and outdoor temperature. For OL who enter the workplace, perhaps not so formally dressed, then this time a military green trench coat can make you clever and yet measured the response to the typhoon. Military green this year, how popular Xiaobian Needless to say, drawstring waist design can reduce the typhoon resistance on the go, walk more lightweight. T shirt to take a long pants or short skirts are a very good match. The above is the Vatican recommended for you two typhoon days with the equipment, the last Vatican or warm reminder ladies and gentlemen in Guangdong these two days or to bring good umbrella rain gear, the wind is too strong should be at the safe shelter oh.