Highly loaded family fun and colorful casual comfort

The elite family is Taiwan Tai Boyan fashion parent-child brand, the company was established 25 years ago. The main push is less Shu loaded, parent-child equipment, family packs, while continuing to promote family "love" and "beautiful" ideal of situational life, extending the development of lovers, sisters installed, people innermost desire and dream of their loved ones, Converted into human clothing, fashion has become a unique international fashion coordinates. High-level family paternity brand, design unique, fashionable style, craft exquisite, bright colors lively, very attractive in the market. Taiwan's Bo Tai Yang international business enterprise fashion career, relying on a keen market vision, groundbreaking investment in the brand of parent-child marketing area. Designers grasp the trend of the latest international trends, targeting the target customer base lifestyle, lifestyle, with a new international design concept into the parent-child paternity costume design, multi-cultural embodiment of the most vividly. Designers from fabric selection, color combinations, technology production, cartoon design and many other aspects, showing leisure and comfort, to create an international relaxed and casual, embodies the full range of cultural dress.

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Inlaid Pendant

Inlaid Pendant,Snow Flake Pendant,Gold Inlaid Pendant,Inlaid Zircon Princess Crown Pendant

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