Hainan pears always rise myth

Hainan huanghuali price fell to the freezing point price of 900 yuan / kg Hainan huanghuali price, the highest speculation to 9000 yuan / kg. In the first half of this year, the price of Hainan pears plummeted tenfold, and few people were interested. According to Hainan’s classical furniture collectors, “Pear City”, like the current stock market, has firmly entrenched those businessmen who have borrowed huge sums of money, used large sums of money to speculate on mahogany, and maliciously hoarded mahogany. Unlike the stock market, “The city of Huali "It's hard to have a "turnover" opportunity.

â–  Reporters witnessed:

Hainan's first "processing rosewood" in 10 years

Early in the morning yesterday, the East Lake Flower and Bird Street in Haikou was as lively as every Sunday for more than a decade. Here, a large number of antique lovers and collectors can be gathered every Sunday.

Collector Lao Li came early to the Bird and Flower Street. Since the price of rosewood has plummeted this year, overwhelmed Lao Li has decided to throw all the rosewood in his hands. Lao Li met here with a booth dealing with rosewood. The owner of the booth made Lao Li very worried. “Last week we were able to sell a Baxian table made by Hainan huanghuali at a low price. This table sold for 350,000 yuan last year and now sells only 100,000 yuan. Where can we sell it now? The bid is 90% lower than last year. No one will want it," said the stall owner reluctantly.

Mr. Wu, an antique dealer, was very distressed. In the past few years, he saw a huge “appreciation space” for rosewood. He borrowed huge sums to buy back a lot of rosewood raw materials and furniture. Today, the wood that has accumulated in his home has become a piece of chicken ribs. "In 10 years, the first time I saw a merchant dealing with rosewood," said Mr. Wu.

The largest mahogany furniture market in Haikou has a total of more than 20 sellers of rosewood furniture. The reporters here saw that there was hardly any customer in the showroom of a home-made rosewood furniture, and the market was deserted. Due to the poor market conditions, many products were tagged with special brands. The price of a pomelo counter dropped from 100,000 yuan last year to 25,000 yuan now. Previously, Hainan Huanghua Pear, which was able to sell 9,000 yuan/kg, is now selling at a price of 900 yuan/kg, and the price has fallen by 90%.

From 2004 till now, as long as the furniture is made of valuable wood such as Hainan Huanghua Pear, Xiaoye Rosewood, etc., the prices are doubled upwards, and the furniture that has risen more than 10 times is found everywhere in furniture stores. However, as people's attitude toward rosewood furniture changes constantly, from the first cherished change in collections, from collections to investment, from investment to speculation, and finally to frenzied speculation, the price bubble of rosewood burst and prices plummeted.

From the first half of this year, all the way rosewood furniture prices plummeted, all investors in the past five months, "hold" the hands of rosewood furniture in the market "played" a free price fall.

Reporters visited several rosewood trading markets and discovered that although it was the weekend, there were not many guests who came to visit mahogany furniture. This contrasted with the hot scene of the purchase of rosewood furniture last year.

â–  speculators action:

Hainan pear was fired in 2007 to 9000 yuan / kg Hainan pear production of mahogany furniture was once a boutique in the wood furniture, collectors eyes in the wonderful. In 2007, the reporter had conducted a survey. In Hainan, the wooden board price of Huanghua pear in Hainan has risen to 9,000 yuan/kg, while in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, the price of Hainan Huanghua pear has been higher. In the 1970s, the price of Hainan Pear was only 0.1-0.2 yuan/kg. What caused the rising prices of Huanghua pear?

According to insiders, in 1998, some experts and units in the Mainland began to pay attention to Hainan pears, and Hainan rosewood was stir-fried by a few speculators. In 2004, a small number of buyers from Beijing, Shanghai and other places arrived at Qiong and spent large sums of money to purchase Hainan Huanghuali Wood. Hainan's collectors were greatly shocked and joined the team to snap up Huanghuali Wood.

Since the beginning of 2005, the price of Hainan Huanghuali furniture has been quickly pulled up by speculators. The “investment theory,” “collection theory,” and “the scarcity theory of raw materials” flood the market. At one time, consumers thought that if they did not seize the time to purchase Huanghuali furniture, they would lose the possibility of enjoying such scarce commodities in the future.

Some merchants, even taking extreme measures to hype, are recovering rosewood at prices several times higher than the original selling price, and the concept of investing in rosewood can win several times the value of returns. After the "multiple return value" tactics were used up, Beijing Yuan Henry introduced the method of directly repurchasing Hainan Huanghuali furniture with gold. Between rosewood and gold, the businesses were skillfully drawn to the equal sign.

In 2007, after a new round of speculation, the price of Hainan Huanghuali continued to rise, reaching a sky-high price.

â–  Myth shattered:

The four major reasons that caused the plummeting prices of rosewood are precisely because of malicious stock hoarding and hype by some businesses. In early 2008, the myth of rosewood's price was gradually broken.

At 9:30pm on April 21st last year, CCTV-2's "Half an Hour in the Economy" column broadcast a talk show entitled "Redwood Hype", which sparked a thousand waves and the myth that Redwood was more expensive than gold. That is, from this time onwards, the price of Hainan's pears fell and fell again. Today, the price of Huanghua pears has plummeted by 90%, but nobody cares.

Experts pointed out that in addition to the CCTV interviews, there are several reasons leading to the plunge in the price of Hainan Huanghuali. The first is the large economic environment. Affected by the decline in the stock market, rising oil prices, and rising prices, a considerable number of collectors have already left the ranks of collectors. Secondly, Hainan huanghuali itself has been so hyped that it has reached such a high price. "This is similar to Pu'er tea, and its value is not that much money, but because of speculation and unlimited price increases, prices are now normal. After all, even a good piece of wood is nothing more than an ornament." One would not disclose The experts of the name said that, finally, the facts prove that Hainan pears are not what merchants claim to be “extinct”, and the stock of such wood in the private sector is very large. According to Hu Desheng, a classical furniture expert from Beijing, on the island of Hainan, Huanghuali was once the most common architectural and furniture material used by local Li people to make buildings and furniture. In the homes of Li people, the beams, doors, benches, and Shantou made of huanghuali were used. Pot lids, pig sty, and toilet boards are everywhere. According to estimates of relevant industry associations, approximately 300,000 households own Huanghuali furniture in both Beijing and Guangdong, and the market stock is quite amazing. Recently, in the economic downturn of European and American countries, overseas huanghuali and red sandalwood furniture have flowed back. The huge amount of furniture that has been flocked has made the prices of domestic huanghuali furniture soar. A famous writer once exclaimed Beijing: The city is full of yellow pears.

â– Expert analysis:

"Rosewood" is difficult to "flip" manufacturers are facing bankruptcy Hainan pear prices that are still possible to rise?

In June 2011, the owner of Beijing's largest Huanghuali furniture maker, Yuan Henry, suddenly received an interview and published a long article entitled “Huanghua Pear's Brilliant Ceremony.” This article is so earth-shattering that the world suddenly realizes that China’s largest Huanghua pear banker has completely cleared out. The goods retreated, and Huang Huali has no more to join in. Huanghua pear has already made a curtain call. It implies that the market has made a permanent curtain call. Huang Huali will never be able to make a comeback.

A redwood research expert, who is also a collector, pointed out that the bubble is broken and the world knows that it is powerful. The chance of the price of Hainan Huanghua pears “beat a comeback” is very slim. The consequences of malicious hoarding and malicious speculation are quite serious. Some people and some people borrowed money to scoop wood. It is undeniable that some people made money in this process, but the vast majority of people are like today’s investors. , Was put in, and "rosewood" and the stock market is not the same, "Rosewood" hard to "turn over" opportunity.

It is understood that some people who invest tens of millions of yuan and hundreds of millions of yuan in speculating on rosewood still have hoarded hundreds of tons of Hainan pears in their homes, causing huge losses. The most direct manufacturers in Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, and other places affected by the price drop of Hainan pears have faced bankruptcy.

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