How to win the hearts of customers?

[China Glass Network] Marketing, the first thing to sell is not the products and services but the salesman itself. Everyone here knows very well, how do we sell ourselves in specific phone sales, how to win ourselves in the eyes of customers. What is the position of the front position? The following is a case where a telemarketer successfully wins the customer's mind. Welcome to learn!

Yesterday, a customer took the initiative to call me and said that there is a need for training courses. It is mainly used in the president's meeting for half a day. The requirement is that the current management courses are more advanced. The requirements for the lecturers are more famous and understand the bank. Passionate. After receiving the call, I was so excited that I felt uncomfortable: the front and the training level were relatively high. If the effect is not good, this contact person and I are very disadvantageous; the second and half-day lecture time is difficult to make a lot of color; The training time of the other party is very short, and the schedule of the lecturer is still unknown. At the same time, I also considered several issues: I want to let the customer pay the cost of one day for a long time. It is more difficult. No matter what the reason, I can’t say it because she is not a decision maker. Second, the customer’s job is not gold. If you don't get down, you will be demoted or laid off. Third, can you let the other party's training time be extended? Fourth, I have to recommend a few more courses to give customers a choice. These questions made me scratch my head. I thought about it, so I recommended the course to the client according to the requirements of the other party, and wrote the notes in the email:

1. Please tell me at a faster speed. The exact training time, course, and lecturer will not be easy to say in the lecturer's schedule in July.

2, half-day training is difficult to produce results, whether half a day or one day, the lecturer is charged according to the cost of one day, it is recommended to use half-day time and one night, so that students absorb more things, the funds will not be indiscriminate.

3, the training level is relatively high, in the selection of courses and lecturers should be very cautious, the mistakes are harmful to us.

It didn't take long for the other party to return the email (it is very good for the customer to return the email):

Xiao Yang:

Thank you very much for your suggestion, I will confirm it at a faster speed and inform you... (the rest is the payment)

After a few hours, I took the initiative to communicate with each other:

Sales: "Hello! Director Li, have you seen the course I sent you?"

Customer: "I saw it, I sent you an email again, I received it!"

Sales: "Received, I suggest you to be careful."

Customer: "Thank you! I know that I will pay attention to this year of training."

Sales: "That's great, although you know, but you still have to remind you if you are a younger brother, otherwise I will be upset."

Customer: "Thank you! Thank you!..."

These few words are full of emotions, and what I want is this effect. Worrying customers' worries, bundling the interests of customers with their own interests, although sometimes losing the transaction, I won the customer's approval, won the inner communication with the customer, won the trust of the customer, won the customer's heart On the front.

Through this article, do you think that the telemarketer is doing it? Do you think that it is better to win the trust of the customer? What better advice do you have?

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