The 7th Hangzhou International Jewelery Show March 9 brilliant debut

A multi-billion dollar exhibition is about to open on March 9 in Hangzhou Peace Exhibition Center. Why is the value of billions of dollars? Hangzhou International Jewelery Fair organizer Hangzhou Qiyang Exhibition Co., Ltd. Mei told us that the total exhibitors from all over the country, Hong Kong, Maucao and foreign brands, more brands , A wide range of unprecedented history. The total value is expected to exceed one billion yuan. The dismal 2011 investors have passed, many investors see more of the investment climate in 2012 also seems to be warming with the weather. Investors said they have started to pay attention to the various investment directions. One of our investors, Mr. Wang, introduced us and went to attend the 7th Hangzhou International Jewelery & Gem Fair on March 9 with nearly 1,000 booths and 10,000 square meters of exhibition space. He believes this trip must benefit him quite. Feng. Jewelry is expensive consumer goods, since ancient times there are hedging, value added. Looking back at the jewelery market, in recent years the price of jewelery has been growing at a steady rate with almost no declines. Mei Zong, head of Hangzhou Qiyang Exhibition Co., Ltd., which hosts the Hangzhou International Jewelery & Gem Fair, told us that the show is already the seventh and the first six are also hosted by their companies. So many years to give him the deepest feeling is that one term down, more and more exhibitors, more and more big brands, come to visit the show more and more investors, more and more consumers in Hangzhou More and more famous, more and more influential. The exhibition jewelery worth billions of dollars. Why Hangzhou International Jewelery Show so successful? Mei always told us to disclose, on this issue, he specifically asked exhibitors, investors and consumers. Exhibitors said: Hangzhou is the city of leisure quality, every year to visit the show, more and more people shopping, and Hangzhou International Jewelery Show in Hangzhou influence is also increasing year by year. They can sell a lot of products and even many orders during each show. Investors said: In addition to the show, where there is such a good opportunity to choose, of course, to choose the Hangzhou International Jewelery Show. Consumers say: Usually buy jewelry will be afraid to buy fakes, during the Hangzhou International Jewelery Show, not only from hundreds of brands to choose the most cost-effective, most collectible, but also to do some free appraisal. Mei always said that such a win-win situation, so that Hangzhou International Jewelery Show can do better than a session. He also hopes that such a win-win situation can continue forever. Let Hangzhou International Jewelery Show this platform, so that exhibitors jewelry brands are more recognized by the people, so that investors can refer to the show during the show more investment in the most valuable jewelery purchases, so that consumers can be assured of the purchase , Enjoy the choice of all kinds of jewelry. Also hope that more people concerned about the Seventh Hangzhou International Jewelry Show, time in March 9, 2012 to March 12, the location is still in Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center.

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