White shirt + pink lace jacket + skirt

White shirt + pink lace jacket + skirt

Ben Wang, October 6 hearing, soft pink lace short jacket, take a white shirt, with a black fold high waist skirt, a small style sweet woman steal the spotlight.

Blue shirt + green skirt

Blue shirt with green skirt, elegant and tall, T-shaped shoes and sunglasses are the must-have items.

Pink silk shirt + navy blue high waist skirt

The pink silk shirt is elegant and romantic. The bow on the chest creates the feeling of a dreamy lady. With navy blue high-waist skirts, there is a feeling that the little princess is out on the street.

Yellow shirt + blue and white high waist skirt

Yellow shirt with blue and white high waist skirt, full gas field, and the explosion with a very visual impact. Handbags are also striped and echo the skirt.

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