Yuan Dynasty Jadeware

Jade jade varieties of the Yuan Dynasty are similar to Song Yu. Jade clothing adds small jade ornaments and hat tops. In terms of equipment type and tanning process, it showed imitation of the Tang Dynasty style. Flower and bird decoration is more rich in life than the Tang Dynasty. The national customs scene and the tactics of the dentate outer teeth of the banyan have become obvious features of the jade part of the Yuan Dynasty.

The Yuan Dynasty jade carvings like to use deep marks and thick lines, which make the pattern ornament from convex height, but the lines and lines have obvious marks and uneven lines. They often have out-of-control marks and appear rough.

In the Yuan Dynasty, Jade Boys' facial expressions were first reduced to indicate the face and the facial features were compacted into one piece. Engraved eyelids with Yinxian lines, nose and nose with large horns. Some wear a wide-brimmed peaked cap, a tunic waist, a hem like a skirt, feet with boots, holding hydrangea streamers.

In the Yuan Dynasty, animal-shaped jade carvings were slender, with large fluctuations and vivid colors.

Yuanyu Suiyu is good at openwork carving techniques. In the handed down jades, there is often a kind of jade stove top, which is mostly designated as Ming Dynasty jade. The depth of the openwork may be slightly deeper than in the Yuan Dynasty or in the Liao and Jin Dynasties. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was remodeled into the Dong stove top.

The Yuan Dynasty also produced a number of imitation Han jade, which did not pay attention to the ancestral characteristics of the ancestors in the technique, and used pseudo-residues and tea brown spots to make up for falsehood.

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