Wear shoes to follow the trend and be injured

Ben Wang, July 17 hearing, high heels, pointed shoes, platform shoes ... ... a pair of stylish, beautiful shoes, women's essential charm weapons. As everyone knows, these various shoes have hidden health problems.

High heels. Wearing high heels will increase the force of the human toes, and will be squeezed, so that the strength of the knees and knees to withstand the corresponding increase, waist and abdomen must be very strong before the balance, which easily lead to waist and hip muscles ligament strain.

The excessively high heel also causes the person's center of gravity to move forward. The focus is mainly on the forefoot. Prolonged wear will accelerate the degeneration of the joints, and even result in thumb valgus and bunions.

Suggestion: The heel of 2~3 cm is enough to make people look upright and energetic.

Platform shoes. When a person walks, three fulcrums are formed on the heel, big toe, and lower legs, allowing people to walk easily and smoothly.

The platform shoes donned with a thick bottom changed the normal center of gravity of the human body, making the arch lose its stable function of stable walking, making it easy to stomp, and also affecting the development of young girls' bone joints, resulting in an arch deformity and causing chronic periosteum. Loss of strain and calcium causes fractures.

Suggestion: The thickness of the sole is controlled within 6 cm; walking should be steady, and it is not suitable to carry out vigorous activities such as climbing and running.

Pointed shoes. The tip of the pointed shoe has a narrow and flat toe, which has a defect in design and wears the foot easily in long-term wear.

Toe squeezing each other may lead to collapse of the "cross-bow" and "middle-bow" parts of the foot, trapped muscles, and even toe deformation, hallux valgus, toe overlap, etc.; long-term wear can also cause foot fibers, Fat grows thicker and grows "corns," and severely deforms the feet, damaging the knees and spine.

Recommendation: Women under 23 do not choose pointed shoes.

Slim flat shoes. Occasional wear flat shoes will help muscles relax, but too thin shoes, walking will make the center of gravity too late, there is a sense of the heel of the heel, the vibration can also spread to the brain; without the support of the heel, will also Increase the risk of developing plantar fasciitis, which can cause pain in the heel.

Suggestion: Don't wear thin flat shoes for a long time, especially don't wear the same pair of shoes for several days.

Choose a pair of comfortable and healthy shoes, in accordance with the following four criteria: the toe part is a little higher, the toes can be slightly bent in the toe, there is a moderate space activity; the front part of the shoe and the waist part of the shoe is firm, to avoid shaking; width of the shoes There should be 0.5cm of room for movement; the back of the shoe should be soft and the heel should be hard to protect the feet.

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