The Japanese Variety

Ben Wang, July 26 hearing, change is a prominent personality characteristics of women. The multiple surprises that change endlessly make the girl's beauty and attractiveness diffuse. Crush is always curious about fresh and challenging characters. For Xiao Bian, I can't help but think of the most envious girl in her childhood. I can change her role anytime and anywhere, but I also feel comfortable. In life, we can also do interesting "variety".

The representative of the lady's image is a long, ankle-length, graceful cloth skirt. Elegant colors will increase the intellectual temperament of girls. The simple and pure hairband appears more neat and clean, and the overall tone of the uniform proportions and harmony is the key.

The mix and match style can also be very sweet, the key is the most representative bright eye bow. In addition, lightweight chiffon lace and casual soft knitwear can add sweet points to the image. I believe that you will be as beautiful as you are in love.

Bright colors are the key to jumping out of the crowd. Short dresses are more relaxed and full of vitality. The lively hair band brings a hint of coolness to the sea breeze and is visually fresh. The soles of the heel and the heel differ in particular, and the sense of fullness of leisure is at the same time highly elevated.

Hippie style is equally eye-catching, especially when large areas of British wind cone pants appear. The print t-shirt of the character's head and the marvelous Martin's shoes all completely represent the fashion elements of the rebellious youth of the United Kingdom in the 1980s. This purely rebellious style is believed to be easy to shake the party.

It's fun to occasionally rebel to reveal a little madness. Heavy makeup and tone-constrained sweatshirts will completely subvert the previous image. Lace-patterned stockings are very sexy, and large sneakers and accessories accumulate to reflect the personality.

If color is depressed and there is a strong contrast, the skirt can be very wild. The rebellious character will be more full of aura with its simplicity. The wide band is indifferent to the part of the knit hat covering the line of sight. The cool sandals are the magic weapon for the girl to reveal her personality. Cartoon bales are more hippy and fun.

The literary young women are always attracting passersby. Their casual and elegant dress seems to be pleasing themselves, but it affects many incomparable hearts. The ethnically-influenced skirt does not appear to be very bloated, but it gives the lean and calm of a mature girl. The exaggerated necklace is full of mystery. The vaguely exposed underpants are like pulling time back to the remote history. The whole is introverted but not depressed.

Black has always been one of the means by which the artist advertises the depth of thought, and the delicate and delicate girl as a literary and art sense is more fresh and mysterious under the black background. The wide collar is casual but not casual, and the easy fringe is different from other knitwear and full of personality and creativity. The overall shawl-like jacket with a little sense of weight Boots, balance the overall vision.

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