Furman autumn and winter fashion fall and winter clothes change because of you

Furman's (FUMNDE) women's brand, style is based on a single product wearing strong, easy to match known. Whether it is work, leisure, "FUMNDE" will make the wearer's figure repeatedly copied. Business implementation of the brand strategy, business chain franchise form, focus on brand image and apparel, with a strong design team and new product development capabilities. Through the design of the gold content to enhance the added value of products, while the moderate price constitutes an excellent price, the company not only devoted to the management of apparel products, more importantly, is to create a more stylish way of dressing to enhance the quality of life more. Advocating scientific and advanced humane management mode, adhere to the "clothing is me," the brand concept, to create a sunny and optimistic about the concept of work and life. Joining conditions 1, the shop must be located in the local bustling commercial street, women's gathering area or large shopping malls floor. 2, the store area of ​​50 square meters (80 square meters of the best shop) above, the facade signs more than 5 meters wide. 3, shopping malls area of ​​40 square meters in the side cabinets, secondary side cabinets, Nakajima must at least one side of the high back wall. 4, with a certain degree of business management and considerable economic strength, and can personally participate in shop management.

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