National Cotton Plant will be transformed into "Little Eight" to build a textile site park

The reporter learned from an interview with Sifang District that the old factory of Guomian Second Factory located at No. 22 Coastal Road will be built into a "small eight mark," and the old Japanese-style building will be transformed into a creative industrial park. Some old buildings will also be planned into a textile Ruins Park. Garden set off Japanese-style old buildings September 28, reporters came to the scene located on the 22nd Coast Road to find out. The reporters found that the original country Cotton Plant has become Qingdao Lianchuang Industrial Co., Ltd., have not seen the old plant, you see a piece of stone engraved with eye-catching words: Qingdao municipal heritage site inside and outside the factory cotton yarn. "The Japanese-style old house here is the most valuable." Qingdao Lianchuang Industrial Co., Ltd. official told reporters that the buildings under the trees were built in 1938 and are Japanese-style. Now they occupy an area of ​​35 mu. The old factory condensed generations of reporters later found an old factory workers, 87-year-old Chen Guilan elderly. She told reporters that she was 12 years old working in this factory, "I'm in the factory to 54 years old." Chen Guilan told reporters that she did not go to school, she has been producing the front line, which also let her witness the country cotton two Factory development process. "At that time I was responsible for more than 200 spindles on two machines, all by hand, and I was busy with work," said Chen Guilan, who lives near the factory for her convenience at work. Chen Guilan and her husband married after giving birth to three children and two women, "I retired in 1977, the eldest daughter took my class and into the country Cotton Plant, two years ago before retirement from the factory." Chen Guilan elderly some ears, but with reporters Speaking of the story of the year endless, "This factory scenery is very good, if we can transform and transform even better." "Small Eight" to develop the creative industries It is understood that the national cotton factory formerly known as Japan and South Korea cotton branch Qingdao Branch , Was built in 1916 as a Japanese-style two-story building or bungalow and was rebuilt in 1937. Beautiful environment within the plant, precious flowers of more than 60 species of Sifang District, the factory is a very rare well-preserved garden-style buildings, known as the Sifang District "Little Eight." Qingdao "Little Eight Pass" project carrier construction area of ​​about 8,000 square meters, including eight Japanese-style office, the old warehouse, etc., of which there is a water tower with 90 years of history, was the fire fighting with fire. According to the person in charge of Sifang District, the project plans to draw upon the experience of Beijing 798 Creative Industry and Shanghai No.8 Bridge Pier Creative Park to transform and utilize the vacated plant after the relocation of enterprises, establish a creative industry space and develop brand design, industrial design, fashion design and packaging Design, product design and Other projects to attract art institutions and individual art studio settled in to form a creative design base. At the same time, the project will rationally protect and utilize the historic buildings, such as the old offices, warehouses, railways and fire towers in the factory area, and plan and construct the textile heritage park.

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