Western ancients loved to wear wigs or used to cover up syphilis.

The origin of wearing a wig is related to syphilis. It is said that sexually transmitted diseases in 1580 became the most terrible epidemic in Europe since the Black Death. Because there was no antibiotics at the time, patients had to face the pain of the disease: open ulcers, rashes, blindness, dementia, patchy hair loss, etc., bald storms also swept.

In order to conceal their illness, the patient began to wear horse hair, wool and even other people's hair on the head, and with lavender to cover up the smell. Although the wig was a common thing at the time, it was not completely fashionable until the French king began to lose hair in 1655.

At the time, Louis XIV was only 17 years old. He was worried that baldness would damage his reputation and he hired 48 wig technicians. Five years later, King Charles II of England began to do the same thing. So the Manchu martial arts and other nobles immediately began to copy the actions of the two kings, and the wig wave became a top-down social trend.

Even after the death of the two kings, the wig wave still did not pass, and because the prevalence of wigs also inhibited the pain that the scorpion brought to people, after all, it is much easier to wash the wig than the head lice.

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