Telling Weibo in a soft-text way is not so fun.

[China Glass Network] In the wonderful article of A5, I saw an article "When Taobao combines Weibo to explain the marketing of Tencent Weibo", this is written by Mr. Gu Feng. This article is very detailed in the whole article. Some registration procedures for Weibo, including some marketing techniques in the post, are written! When Zhu Weikun saw this article, I felt that this article was a very good article that I could read. However, as the author looked down, the author did not have the patience to read.

At this time, the author thinks of an article that I have written before and writes it to the students. One of the articles is about the over-limit effect. The main content of the article is:

The famous American writer Mark Twain once gave a lecture to the pastor in the church. At the beginning, he felt that the pastor spoke very well, made people move, and prepared to donate. After 10 minutes, the pastor had not finished speaking. He was impatient and decided to donate only some change. After another 10 minutes, the pastor had not finished, so he decided not to donate 1 cent. When the priest finally ended his lengthy speech and started collecting money, Mark Twain, not only did not donate money because of his anger, he also took away $2 from the plate.

What can be explained from this allusion is that the author's ability is not good. It can only show that the author's goal is not well positioned. Let's talk about some personal opinions and share the author's Weibo marketing method:

First, the crowd positioning

1. See people who don’t understand

To be precise, for newcomers, they are eager to learn new knowledge. For such a detailed article, it is impossible to meet, but to know, for a novice, where do they have the ability to give nearly 5,000 words? After reading the content, then learn the knowledge?

Give it to you that it is not for such a group of people, then say another group.

2. See the people who are getting started

If it is for the entry person, then the author's suggestion is not too long, can be divided into a series of articles, so to write, one can improve their contribution rate, and second, can improve the user's stickiness, if you know a little about seo knowledge People, who understand the inner chain of the website, just write the relevant content in the article, make an inner chain and point to another one. At this time, the reader will not be so tired, at least read the page. It is.

3. People who understand

For example, the author also wrote a post about Weibo, but never wrote more than 2,000 words, more than 3 pictures, although it is better, but it is really much, the head hurts. It is.

From a visual point of view, why do you want to be illustrated? On Weibo, it is because of the limitation of 140 words. In the article, if the whole article is text, there will be aesthetic fatigue, so add a picture to let everyone Can distract attention. But if the picture is used more, then it will confuse the text with the picture, which makes the official headache.

Second, microblogging marketing

Before I wrote "The Weibo Marketing Game says that making money and branding", I will tell you how to use this keyword (brand name) that you have done in the right place, the purpose is to increase the exposure rate!

However, it is not that you go to add fans, there are many that can be transformed, this is a paradox! Seriously, the article on the previous side has been written. If you are doing Weibo, if you rely on Weibo to make money, then there are several kinds of people.

Usually, do microblogging marketing, you go to add strangers, or you authenticate the account, people do not know you, sometimes can not talk about authority. The more important core point is how to do word-of-mouth. Weibo wants to make money for Taobao customers. Without good reputation, it is difficult to attract people, because no one knows that the Internet is very deep.

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