Taidong double bell costumes to create Chinese couple fashion vane

Dragon Lion Garment Co., Ltd. is a professional fashion lovers to create casual, parent-child products installed family. The company is located in the birthplace of Southern clothing Dongguan City - China town Shek Pai. The company has been operating since 1991. It has established a development strategy based on continuous innovation of products and constant improvement of the brand. It has taken the lead in creating the concept of "lovers and family" in the Chinese market and has become the leader of the lovers' brand in China. The brand has become "China's lovers, parent-child first brand", "Guangdong famous brand enterprises" for the current domestic market lovers, parent-child product mix and monopoly chain system the most complete brand. In order to implement the business philosophy, the company formed a strong team of designers, hired independent designers and design consultants, the establishment of the elite sales echelon and channel management team and registered "SUNNYCODE", "Sunshine Password" trademark; planned to hire Hong Kong movie star Yuan Jieyi, Mainland star Wang Yan, Hong Kong Asia sister and host Yao Jiani, Lin Zuhui as the image of the spokesman, and through CCTV, Southern TV, apparel business intelligence, the major clothing sites, the agents city street signs and other channels vigorously Publicity brand. Product series innovation and upgrading, the brand's social awareness and identity deepening; couple installed based on health, environmental protection, style, smooth and concise, beautiful fashion, health, exercise, full of vitality, to meet the needs of urban youth aged 16-35 , Highlighting the couple's series of costumes featuring the couple as the theme; family decoration embodies the concept of family warmth, harmony, happiness and happiness, and has formed a series of family-oriented "family clothing". Outstanding details of the brand's strength is the service thinking, service attitude, quality of service, the performance is the intention of service, integrity services. In highlighting the "brand" at the same time, the company pay more attention to the core ideas and management concepts concise, "grasping two, put the middle, tube flow." Companies firmly grasp the R & D and sales of the "two", improve the quality of clothing standards, develop production and acceptance system, smooth all aspects of logistics. This seemingly simple 9 words, reflects the core of the company's business philosophy, interpretation of the constant innovation of products and services, take the brand of the world strategy. In order to develop and maintain the market better, the company has set up the provincial and the provincial marketing department, a professional, capable management and service team, the national market for regional management and sincere service, held a regular four annual product release and ordering . Through "sincerely for sincere, heart to heart", has developed more than 20 provincial-level agents, more than 280 franchisees, "SUNNYCODE Sunshine Password" couple, family series from the breadth and depth of two-way access to the national market. After nearly 20 years of hard work, the company improved the independent research and development clothing, production, logistics and distribution, sales channels and other processes, the development of a number of production bases.

Laundry Bags

The laundry bags includes large polyester laundry bag, mesh bag, and sling bag. The large polyester laundry bag is made of polyester fabric with handle and buttons usually used to collect dirty sheets, towels, clothes and anything you want to organize. The mesh bag is usually made of mesh fabric with zipper, used to separate clothes when washing by machine. The sling bags is made of waterproof fabric with flaps which can hold tools and any other things you want.

Our company, Shijiazhuang Guangda Textile Co., Ltd usually makes the laundry bags with rectangle or round bottom in standard size 34x36x70cm and large size 36x54x80cm; mesh bag in 30x40cm, 50x60cm and 80x100cm. We can also make other sizes as customer requested. We usually put 10pcs bags into a poly bag first and then pack by carton with customer logo and names.

Laundry Bags

Laundry Bags,Standard Laundry Bags,Large Laundry Bags,Mesh Bags

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