Spear refers to children's clothing design is not reasonable

On October 25, the EU issued a consumer warning on the Chinese "Moga Kid''s" brand children's T-shirt; on November 3rd, the US CPSC implemented a voluntary recall of the Chinese-made Scout Wind Tech jacket; November 18. The European Union issued a consumer warning on Chinese-made children's coats; on November 25, the EU issued a consumer warning on Chinese-made "Union-Star" brand bikinis; on December 2, the European Commission's non-food quick warning system was used to produce Chinese products. Diamond" brand children's jacket issued a consumer warning. Judging from the reasons for being recalled or warned about products, it is mainly due to the children's clothing accessories and ropes being unqualified, and there is a risk of suffocation and injury.

With the maturation of the men's, women's, casual wear, and sportswear markets, more and more companies have turned their attention to the children's wear market. As the last tempting cake in the garment industry, children's wear carries too many hopes and expectations. The reporter can clearly feel children's wear on this year’s cross-strait clothing expo, China International Clothing & Accessories Fair and related clothing fairs on the Canton Fair. The market is hot: children's clothing from the independent hall to the entire floor under the package, from the supporting role to become the most active protagonist, the potential value of the field of children's wear is more and more clear.

The outlook is very good. The market is very broad, but there are also many problems. The main problems are quality and technology problems. The reporter learned from the inspection and quarantine department's weekly information on foreign early-warning notices. The unqualified phenomenon of children's accessories and ropes is still not optimistic, which has seriously affected the reputation and market of Chinese children's clothing abroad. The reporter noted that Europe and the United States have reported to China that the reasons for the recall are mostly the risk of suffocation, chemical hazards, the risk of injury, and the use of prohibited dyes. Among these, the design of ropes and small parts is irrational.

“The repeated notification and recall of Chinese children’s apparel exports is no longer a purely quality and safety issue or a technical issue. The crux of the problem lies in the level of poor communication of information and non-synchronization of information.” Industry insiders said that the safety of children’s clothing did not meet the requirements. Most of the reasons are due to foreign customers, such as product design flaws of foreign customers, or the lack of physical indicators such as strength and other physical indicators for customers to consider due to cost considerations. In addition, domestic companies lack understanding of foreign technical regulations and only know that they produce according to customer requirements. They lack sufficient identification capabilities for whether or not the design scheme complies with foreign technical regulations. Most of the contracts signed with customers do not provide for product design conformity.

In response, the Shishi Office of the Quanzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau drew relevant enterprises to the children's wear industry. They first paid attention to the technical barriers to endless children's wear in Europe and the United States and the early warning notification messages, and organized technical personnel for the characteristics and requirements of different countries and regions. Research, improve the level of self-control of corporate risks. The second is to make full use of the technological advantages of some testing organizations and establish a series of checks on raw materials and finished products. Thirdly, enterprises should position themselves according to their own characteristics, establish brand awareness, develop products with unique brand features, take the road of managing benefits and taking advantage of brands, and avoid *** changes in foreign currency and soaring labor costs. Fluctuations in the prices of raw materials and the like have resulted in smaller and smaller profit margins for products.

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