Shishi Textile and Garment Industry Committed to "Zero Wages"

Editor's note: In addition to apparel design, there are many links including production process design, talent design, and brand operation design, creating a creative “industry chain” in which consumer groups design diversity and meet the needs of modern-scale enterprise development.

"Everyone's great cause and great future" is an important core philosophy of the Shishi Textile and Garment Association, relying on everyone to create a big future on the basis of the great cause.

As the new president, Tian Qiming led the members of the Chamber of Commerce to collectively advocate “zero wage”, which is not only the embodiment of social responsibility for entrepreneurs, but also the basis for the “second venture” of Shishi textile and clothing industry. At the same time, in order to play a more leading role in the industry, the chamber of commerce established the "Shishi City Textile and Apparel Chamber of Commerce Industry-Assisted Public Welfare Fund" to be used in the industry to help the public in distress, help students and other social public welfare undertakings, and set up a public welfare division in the chamber of commerce. Public welfare undertakings are carried out in the end.

“The chamber of commerce must do practical things for the company, and it must contribute to the Shishi textile and apparel industry.” For the next work, Tian Qiming stated that besides the garment design, there are also production process design, talent design, brand operation design, etc. Multiple links create a creative “industrial chain” in which consumer groups design diversity and meet the needs of modern-scale enterprises. At the same time, the Chamber of Commerce also signed strategic cooperation with China Federation of Textile Entrepreneurs, China Textile Industry Federation Testing Center, China Textile Information Center, National Textile Product Development Center, China Fashion Alliance, Bank of China, China Minsheng Bank and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. The framework agreement and the bank credit agreement with a total value of nearly RMB 6.5 billion ensured the extension of national-level cooperation projects, helped the upgrade of the entire “industrial chain” of the lions, prepared for the rainy day, and found a good connection, integrating various elements.

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