Daphne Women's Shoes for Autumn/Winter 2011: Youth Series

This December 3 hearing, Daphne women's shoes launched since the early 1990s, they won the favor of the majority of women, the product swept the country, becoming the industry's leading brands in the footwear industry. The Daphne D18 faction endorsed by SHE focuses on 18- to 25-year-old women. The design style is pleasant and stylish. It is more in line with the image of young girls. At the same time, the group SHE is invited to speak as an ad. “Love SHE and Love Daphne. "" Successfully captured the hearts of a large number of teenage consumers.

In autumn and winter of 2011, Daphne launched several series of new women's shoes for mature women.

Soft Soft Series

This series of fall/winter women's shoes is dominated by simple, plain boots, elegant, stylish, subtle and heart-to-heart, and rich in structuralism. Simple but not simple, the sweet women of youth are more ladylike, elegant and generous.

Sport Sports and Leisure Series

This series of new products uses comfortable fabrics, which are plastic and flexible. Fully consider the characteristics of sports. Breathable, lightweight, enough to meet the needs of MM leisure sports.

Style Personality Series

In 2011, both wearing boots are also very popular. It allows MM to match clothes, so that single shoes and high boots can easily change. Heel-type bows like chic words. The dancing butterfly, inadvertently paused, shows its personality.

Sweet cute series

Sequins will be the new look of autumn and winter this year. It will be the most acceptable for the public as a small area of ​​decoration. Boldly add sequins to make beautiful colored shoes look more beautiful and eye-catching.

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