"HITWON" to create "China's first European-style fashion women's brand"

Guangzhou Chong Hing Garment Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, the Industrial Park covers an area of ​​480 acres, more than 6,000 employees, is China's large-scale denim clothing manufacturers, with Nissan 50,000 production capacity, has been POLO , D & G, CBA, VEROMODA, ONLY, JACK & JONES, PIEC-ES, CLRIDE.N, TAKETWO, PHARD, LEE, TEXWOOD, GUESS, A & F, HOLLISTER, Many well-known brands to provide product design and development and production and processing services.


Group set design and development, clothing washing, garment, printing and dyeing, embroidery, sewage treatment, brand sales development, after-sales service as a whole. Its " HITWON " women's brand originated from Europe registered in Hong Kong and mainland China, and set up R & D centers in Hong Kong, Europe and the headquarters of the Group, and introduced well-known product planning companies and buyer teams to create strong product capabilities. Together with well-known Chinese brand marketing planning consultants team of experts, through three years of development and continuous adjustment and improvement, "HITWON" in the country already has about 200 benign and stable development of profitable stores and shopping malls counter network, build strong brand marketing force.


Strive to "HITWON" into a "China's first European-style women's fashion brand," and promote "HITWON" in 5 years impact on the GEM, Chong Hing Group will be the first development ambitious.


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