China's outdoor shoe market usher in new development opportunities

Nowadays, more and more people are beginning to pursue healthy, fashionable and natural lives, and gradually go outdoors. As people's spending power increases and their understanding of outdoor sports concepts deepens, more and more people regard outdoor sports as work. Apart from the important leisure methods, it has greatly activated the strong demand for the outdoor products market, making domestic shoe companies have joined the outdoor footwear industry. The author believes that shoe companies have great potential to enter the outdoor shoe industry.

Strictly speaking, the outdoor shoe market is still dominated by international brands. China's outdoor footwear industry started relatively late and has a relatively small scale. Outdoor sports shoes are still in the emerging industry stage. Therefore, in the rapid development of the outdoor shoe industry, it is inevitable that there will be some problems, it will also affect the normal development of enterprises. The author learned from chatting with a group of entrepreneurs that funds are the most important constraint to the development of the outdoor shoe industry. Compared with the traditional shoe industry, the outdoor shoe industry puts forward higher requirements on raw materials and production technologies. Its entry threshold is relatively high, resulting in higher capital requirements for enterprises, and higher costs for better raw materials. Expenditure; The investment in production technology requires a lot of money; it is inseparable from the need to further expand the scale of the company and seize market share. Funds have become the most important constraint to outdoor shoe development.

There is no doubt that the outdoor footwear market is a big blue sea. Enterprises can obtain the most suitable style of outdoor shoes through the geographical advantages of domestic outdoor shoes, and continuously improve the technical strength of enterprises, enhance innovative research and development capabilities, and ensure the quality of the brand, so that they can gradually compete with internationally renowned outdoor shoe brands.

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