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November A fall and winter season, can feel the winter's cold, nor will it be cold to shiver. Well dressed in the more convenient with the package, do not wrap very bloated in the early winter still show your charm. In autumn and winter concave modeling cold single product, purple coat of these coats are you ready?

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At first glance pink, naturally showing a sweet taste. However, unlike pure pink, Plaid integration to make it more rhyme depth, not like the kind of cute cute Meng, but full of feminine intellectual and elegant. Take a fresh white coat inside, looks more gentle and comfortable. Lower body accompanied by high waist shorts and ankle boots undoubtedly add extra points for their own dress.

凹造型御寒单品 这些大衣你准备好了吗

Eye-catching red dull winter brings vitality and vitality, choose a sunny day, so that the sun shines on clothing more full of vitality. Red and black with the classic but forever, without losing a lost fashion and a woman dignified and elegant. Coupled with a full of ethnic style elegant package hip dress, bloom unlimited luster.

Picture Source: Purple Kou Women

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