Gentleman suit small boutonniere

Weekday attend important occasions, we will always choose for themselves a suit suit, but often overlook some small details, such as brooch. Someone would say that boutonniere is not exclusive to ladies? Men do not look sissy wearing it? Hey, as a gentleman with style, if you think so, it would be too bad. Know the story of corsage, you know how to better corset suit with a suit. The history of boutonniere corsage is not popular in modern times, it can be traced back to the Bronze Age. With the sea ban in the late Ming, the brooch spread from China to China. It is said that when Chiang Kai-shek and Soong Mei-ling held a wedding ceremony at Dahua Hotel in Shanghai in 1927, Chiang Kai-shek's suit donned a rose-shaped brooch. The origin of corsage According to legend, the ancient European men to marry the woman, will be on the way to the woman's home picking wildflowers made bouquets to the woman. If the woman is willing to accept a marriage proposal, she inserts one of the bouquets into the pocket of the man's shirt, which is also the origin of the man's boutonniere. Of course, today's corsage is not only a man's wedding supplies, but also in some important occasions. The choice of brooch Men's brooch style is absolutely no less than a lady's brooch. Rose bud shape is the classic brooch shape, but also with the most difficult to suit the style error, not only for the overall shape icing on the cake, but also revealed the gentleman temperament. Boutonniere wearing a formal occasion wearing a boutonniere is a dignified etiquette, there are two main types of men's boutonniere: pin and chin-button style. Before wearing pin corsage, first ensure that the texture of the suit can withstand "pinning", otherwise it will destroy the clothes. Men's corsage has always been strict wearing style, wearing a suit with a brooch collar to wear on the left; wearing a suit does not lead to wear on the right; hair left when worn on the right side, otherwise worn on the left; The position should be parallel between the first and second buttons. Boutonniere with a standard black and white gray suit, with any style of corsage will not go wrong. But to note that the orthodox suit should be accompanied by elegant, elegant brooches. In everyday life, you should try to avoid wearing a brooch on a large pattern of clothes, which not only can not add color to the overall shape, but also superfluous.

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