Flat shoulders (General shoulder) How to choose the right shoulder strap

Flat shoulder, commonly known as the general shoulder, this body is more invincible, prestige, smaller shoulder curvature, more obvious shoulder elbow, shoulder strap is not easy to fall. If it is a narrow shoulders type flat shoulders, you can wear a partial bra to the outside straps to expand the breast to both sides; if it is a wide shoulders type shoulder, you can wear the back side of the bra bra to focus on some. According to Shoulder, Xiaobian today to introduce two different bra, in order to make you a better choice.

都市千彩丽人 Figure one

This is a 3/4 deep V-shaped bra bra, because of its unique angle hanging earrings so that this style bra straps just outside the lateral, suitable for narrow shoulders type flat shoulder MM, although slightly to the Breast expansion on both sides, but it does not affect the effect of gathers to make your breast shape more beautiful.


Figure II

In view of the women's pursuit of gather function, the difference between the devil's shoulder strap and the outer side is not much, which depends largely on the position of the ear. From the comparison of the two figures, we can see that the shoulder strap Is the back side of the female friends in the choice of this point can also be used as a reference. (Picture from " City Thousands of beautiful people " underwear )

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