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Abstract: Pillow is one of the must-have items in people's home textile life. As a sleep tool, its basic function is to keep people's normal physiological curvature of the head and neck, whether they are sleeping or sleeping on the side, so the pillow is comfortable. The most important thing is to look at its "support". Golden Sun Bedding experts remind you: If you want to sleep well, you have to look at the effort on your pillow.

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Good filling material

According to the basic filling materials, pillows are divided into soft pillows, hard pillows and neutral pillows. Natural neutral pillows are a popular category of pillows that have been popular in recent years.

Golden Sun experts say that the filler determines the softness and efficacy of the pillow. Kapok, fragrant velvet, buckwheat hulls, cotton, pearl cotton, feather cotton, down, etc. can be used as a base filler for pillows. In addition, you can add high-quality Chinese herbal medicines to increase the effectiveness of pillows, such as silkworm, cassia, lavender, apocynum, scorpion, ginkgo biloba. The natural latex latex pillow is made of 100% natural latex vacuum foam, and the special slow resilience features give people a comfortable sleep experience. The life of latex pillows is far greater than other pillows, and it will not cause harm to the environment. It is a natural and environmentally friendly green material.

There is a more luxurious pillow made of silk, its fabric and filling are 100% silk; goose down pillow, filled with full goose down, brings a warm sleep experience. There is also a very low-carbon Loyal Soy Fiber Pillow with recycled soy fiber for better dryness and comfort.

Suitable height

The Golden Sun expert pointed out that if the human body can be consistent with the standing posture during sleep, it is the most comfortable state, that is to say, the human body needs about 5 degrees of angle when sleeping. If you do not pillow, can not support the head, the cervical vertebral body will gradually deform, do not sleep pillow or pillow is too low, the problem is not small, the head will be congested, easy to cause eyelids and facial swelling, and the lower jaw will be upwards Lift, easy to open mouth to breathe, snoring. The high pillow makes the cervical vertebra too pre-curved, the soft tissue of the neck is excessively strained and fatigued, and the stiff neck is prone to occur. Comfortable U-shaped pillow with flexible U-shaped design, can embrace the whole body, naturally support the neck, shoulders, back, buttocks, feet and other parts, relieve fatigue and pressure in all parts of the body, improve sleep quality. Only a pillow of the right height can make your home textile life healthier!

Carefully supporting the neck

An ideal pillow should be able to closely fit the physiological curvature of the cervical vertebrae, so that people who work for a day can relieve the fatigue of the cervical muscles and ligaments during sleep.

The traditional pillow, the head is placed at the highest point of the pillow, the cervical spine is suspended, forming excessive flexion, and the muscles and ligament joints around the neck are in tension, which is prone to stiff neck and dizziness after waking up.

According to ergonomics, the shape of the pillow is most suitable for the physiological curvature of the cervical vertebra with a low middle shape and a high front end. This type of pillow can use the convex part in front to maintain the physiological curvature of the cervical spine.

The recommended recessed pillow is lower in the middle than the surrounding area. In addition to moderately supporting the head, it can also gently support the neck. The left and right sides are thicker and can automatically adapt to the height of the side of the human body when the side is turned over during sleep. This way every part of the pillow guarantees your ideal sleeping position.

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How do you tell the fur is good or bad?
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