Talented Men - July National Talent Show Nanjing style

Since 1995, WENZI has been honored as one of the Top 100 Chinese Garment Companies by virtue of its advantages and has become a key manufacturing enterprise in the national apparel industry. "Talent" trademark is well-known trademarks of the garment industry, renowned in the country. Talented men to China's elite groups as a group orientation, the essence of China's 5,000 years of cultural inspiration for product creation, the goal is to create the first brand of Chinese culture. After 25 years of arduous pioneering, Talent brand successfully completed the strategic transformation, building brand system, out of a distinct personality, unique brand of the road. Joining conditions: customer qualification 1, the garment industry has a strong interest and have some business experience and unique insights; 2, agree with the brand business philosophy, with the brand awareness of development; 3, with organizational and management skills and experience in the terminal store management ; 4, with good personal qualities and credibility; 5, the investment cost of 250,000 -50 million (except rent) Shop conditions 1. Shop at a local lot or men's gathering place, the local mature mall 2. Store area , 80-300 square meters, shopping malls area; side hall more than 60 square meters 3, the company must be unified standard decoration new shop support 1, furniture, props returned to give support 2, provide drawings, decoration support 3, , Display and sales training support 4, store management support 5, unsalable goods Coordination sales support Post-service measures: 1, store design: the company unified store image design, image posters, POP design; 2, marketing: to provide marketing planning, Major programs corresponding to the program of activities; 3, to provide franchisees during the operation of the album, shopping bags, image painting, etc .; 4 The company regularly organizes popular product knowledge, sales and marketing and value-added services such as training mode; 5, on-site counseling and goods on display for the franchise around; 6, providing road information system installation for the franchise around, training; shops display

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