Kasian Ze children's clothing will be held April 25 grand 2012 autumn and winter binding goods

It is reported that Carles Enze children's clothing will be held on April 25 solemnly held 2012 autumn and winter binding goods. By then, Carnes Enze will bring you the 2012 autumn and winter children's fashion feast. "卡斯恩泽" advocates fashion, atmosphere, personality, environmental protection, natural fashion, the pursuit of true self-life style. The use of natural cotton fabric to fully explain the child's natural instincts and innocence. The international popular elements, in line with the national conditions, skillfully integrated in the design, "卡思恩泽" quarterly products with the image of the basic sections of the main push to combine the needs of children of different ages to provide rich brand-specific design to show Children's innocent side. Karsenze Kids advocate sports, leisure, natural fashion style, the pursuit of true self-life style. In color, with red, sapphire, white as the basic color, pink, pink blue and the color of the popular season for the secondary color. Attract international popular elements, combined with consumer demand around, cleverly blend in the design. Each design has its own unique flavor of the brand, without losing the popularity of the grade. With creative styles and concepts, strong interoperability with each other, to guide and motivate the potential needs of consumers. "Karsenze" children's clothing brand designed for 3-16 years old, height 100-160cm children, young people design. Selection of high-quality natural cotton as a basic material, the use of natural environmentally friendly cotton, wool, wool and other fabrics blended to full interpretation of children's natural instinct, to ensure that the noodles, accessories without any harmful substances, pay attention to hygroscopicity, breathable, soft Sexual, moisturizing and other functions, while focusing on product quality control of all aspects to ensure product quality and in line with the international ecological textile standards.

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