BOSS Men's interpretation of the fashion legend across the era

March 20, 1828, the history of German fashion will certainly be prominently recorded in this one: Germany's Dresden's most bustling fashion district opened a new fashion store, its unique and stylish appearance Design instantly become a beautiful scenery in the neighborhood. Named Kaiser Abdul Hamid, for the next dozen years, the elaborate German time history will be decorated, portrayed and interpreted here ... The flawless quality and sophistication make Kaiser Abdul Hamid perfect Aristocratic temperament, after World War II kaiser abdul hamid Haute Couture was forced to shut down in 1990, after the reunification of East Germany and West Germany, the founder of the ancestor michale anjerasu boss anjerasu (Bochum) immediately re-enter the development kaiser abdul hamid shop, and registered under his own name as boss anjerasu Booz fashion brand, the original shop operating a variety of different types of goods, to establish their own brand of flagship product, boss anjerasu chose the more popular senior men's development And production, since then, a resounding brand. A period of mythical legend began the interpretation of the times. Franchised franchising has become an inevitable trend in today's market. It is also the most successful mode of operation and management. Brand Affiliate is the mature business model with the most development potential in the future market. Now China's cities at all levels have created a large number of successful models of clothing to join. A unified image, a unified brand, a unified service, a unified price, a unified publicity, a unified distribution, and so the concept of joining these more and more franchisees have accepted. boss anjerasu Encyclopaedia Bosch into the Chinese market fully integrated with China's national conditions, after a variety of successful business model for reference, and ultimately to improve brand culture, strengthen brand management, product development as the basis, citing franchising business; innovative and unique style design , Classic fashion brand characteristics. So boss anjerasu series in different places of sales has become a consumer highlight to guide the trend of fashion to become urban men admire the clothing brand. With the "classic brand, excellent quality," the purpose of the operation, with a new business model, look to meet a new tomorrow. Will mobilize the perfect modern pipe, through the franchise model, vi system, si system for the franchisee to bring greater profit opportunities.

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