It’s true or false to sleep.

Core Tip: Medical experts say that poor sleep can cause harm to the human body, but the relationship between mortality and sleep time is lacking, and there is no scientific basis. The length of sleep varies from person to person. The sleep time is generally based on the premise that “the next day is full of physical strength”.

"The more you sleep, the faster you die?!" In recent days, a foreign research report on the rumor shows that sleeping more than 8 hours a day is likely to make people lose their lives, causing many netizens to discuss. “How long should I sleep when I sleep more?” The reporter interviewed several medical experts. They said that poor sleep can cause harm to the human body, but the mortality rate is simply related to sleep time, which lacks scientific basis.

Net transmission: The more you sleep, the faster you die? !

A message sounded the alarm for the "Ridden Beds" - "The researchers at the University of California, USA, after observing more than 1 million people, concluded that those who sleep 8 hours or more a day, and those who People who sleep only 4 hours or less will have a shorter life expectancy, and sleeping 6-7 hours a night will help to extend their life."

The reporter noticed that there is more than one saying about the length of sleep and the length of life. A graph of the “sleep time vs. death risk rate” shows that the sleep time is between 6.5 and 7.5 hours with the lowest mortality rate; and for more than 9.5 hours or less than 4.5 hours, the risk of death is directly doubled.

In response to these claims that the authenticity is yet to be verified, many netizens have raised their own confusion: "Why do you have a headache when you sleep too long?" "Someone is awake after sleeping for only 5 hours a day, but I am not enough to sleep for 9 hours." “How long is the most scientific sleep time?” “The more sleep you sleep, the more sleepy you sleep, the more you fall into a strange circle.”

Expert: The next day, the spirit is good, indicating that you have enough sleep.

“I have heard similar statements. The data in those studies may be true, but in our clinical studies we did not find a link between long sleep time and mortality.” Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Chinese Medicine Sleep Disease Research Xu Liang, the chief physician of the institute, said in an interview that there is no standard for each person's sleep time requirements, and that the same person needs different sleep times in different environments. “In general, it is enough for adults to have 6-8 hours of sleep per day.”

Zhu Guoxing, a professor of neurology at Huashan Hospital, also believes that there is no scientific basis for simply linking mortality to sleep time. He pointed out that the length of sleep varies from person to person, and the sleep time is generally based on the premise that “the next day is full of physical strength”.

Holidays are the day of the remedy. More and more white-collar workers are sleeping for three days in the past New Year holidays. However, many people complain that their sleep time is far more than 8 hours, but they are still sleepy and even dizzy. .

Zhu Guoxing pointed out that many young people have a misunderstanding. They think that they can make up for not sleeping enough. In fact, they usually sleep on weekends and nights, but they will break the normal sleep pattern. Xu Liang also believes that long-term supplementation will cause normal biological clock disorder, which will directly lead to physical discomfort. "It is not surprising to sleep more and dizzy." He added that the most scientific sleep time is clinically considered to be 10 pm (not to exceed 11 at the latest) to 6-7 in the morning.

Identify the "sleeping things"

The reporter collected and distributed all kinds of statements about sleep on the Internet, and asked sleep and neurologists to identify their authenticity.

One thing: In recent years, some people have begun to advocate "segmented sleep method", which is to allocate sleep to different times of the day instead of sleeping for 8 hours. For example, sleep for 3 hours, wake up to do something, and then sleep for another 3 hours, so that people can sleep less but stay energized.

Experts: “Segmented sleep” is not recommended, because nighttime sleep usually has 5-6 cycles from shallow sleep to deep sleep. It usually takes 50-60 minutes from falling asleep to deep sleep, only in deep sleep. The brain can fully rest, and it is essential to eliminate fatigue, restore energy, and improve immunity. Segmental sleep destroys the law of sleep and affects the rest of the brain.

Narrative 2: There are rumors that “people with high IQs sleep less”, and those who claim high IQ have more excitatory nerve substances, and they have a long period of excitement and a shorter sleep time.

Expert: There is no clinical association between IQ and sleep time.

But for growing-age school-age children, adequate sleep is important. When you sleep the deepest, it is the time when the growth hormone is most secreted. If the child does not sleep well for a long time, it will cause problems in growth hormone secretion, affecting growth and development. If you sleep well at night, it will lead to insufficient energy during the day, memory loss, and lack of attention. Concentrate and influence learning.

Three: Nowadays, more and more hypnotic apps appear on smartphones, and most of them focus on playing light music. In addition, there is a saying that Lin Zhixuan's love song "Leaving People" is the hypnotic divine song of the baby. After playing 3 times, the baby will sleep quietly.

Expert: Listening to light music before going to bed can relax and go to sleep quickly.


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