G-Brand children's Korean autumn and winter can not tell the wonderful new presentation

G-Brand from the Korean fashion style, personality, fashion, self-confidence into the design, closely follow the international fashion trend, blending rich colors and artistic expression to make full use of collision color, splicing, folding and other processes, knead the parents Love, the beauty of life, the art of rhyme, interpretation of the children are full of hope, happiness and happiness of extraordinary childhood, to create a new idea of ​​children's clothing! Hanfan full style, whether it is within the ride or jacket, are not the same how to feel Are beautiful, playful and lovely appearance, people love, dark plush white cotton lining, will not feel bloated, so that children's fashion is full of more confident, so that children have been adorable youthful. Said winter, the cold winter bones of the wind so that you can not withstand the G-Brand Korea winter cold clothing can also be very warm, warm fashion 100% at the same time, trendy dress, handsome mix, South Korea Fan full tide male, to help your baby collection it.

the  neck  warmer  Made of super soft fabric, good keep cool effect, more comfortable and windproof. With it, no worry about the cold weather , the  item  unit  price  is  cheap  but  useful , it can also be used as face mask, beanie, pirate hat, worthy deal and save your money .

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microfiber  polar  fleece , multi used Neck Warmer  with  customer  logo .

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Neck Warmer

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