The man’s skill is re-applied to the jade.

Jiang, who is doing clothing business in Hangzhou, came to a jade city in Suzhou. The owner of the stalls did not pay attention to stealing five pieces of jade for three thousand yuan worth of money, and he was discovered by the stall owner when he was going to re-steal again. , caught on the spot.

The Suzhou Shuangta Police Station received an alarm call from the masses, claiming that a thief who had stolen jade was caught in a jade city in the jurisdiction. The police immediately rushed to the scene after receiving the call and brought the man suspected of theft back to the police station. After the trial, the man surnamed Jiang, 27 years old, is doing clothing processing business in Hangzhou. A few days ago, he heard from friends that the jade market in Suzhou was very hot, so Jiang came to Suzhou from Hangzhou. In the jade city of Suzhou, there was a crowd of people, and the stall owner did not pay attention. Jiang had stolen a few jade pieces. After a few days, Jiang, who had tasted the sweetness, came to the jade city again and successfully stole two jade stones. The next day, Jiang once again prepared for the reinvention of the technique, but was discovered by the careful stall owner and captured on the spot.

Jiang confessed that he had stolen five jade stones three times by the same means, and the total value of the stolen jade after evaluation was about 10,000 yuan. At present, Jiang has been criminally detained by the Gusu police.

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