Love yarn baby magic ring bra, comfortable and healthy blitz

This winter, Love yarn International introduced a memory bra, also known as magic ring bra sales all the way, the reason, first, because the material is environmentally friendly and healthy, scientific design, wear comfortable zero compression, with the prevention of breast disease; Second, self-cultivation effect is good, you can bring out the exquisite curves; Third, the price of the people, the quality of big bra, no big expensive bra; Fourth, high-tech content, coupled with love yarn brand influence, always become fashion Industry's benchmark.


The reporter in love yarn baby adjustable underwear major counters and stores, love yarn Baby magic ring bra are in the hot state, favored by young women, and even "a hero does not ask the source, to wear magic bra" The saying goes. One looks 24,5-year-old woman told reporters, "This winter's magic ring bra close but not tight, comfortable and healthy, design and style and fashion, so buy a few more, in addition to leaving yourself to wear, but also to send To the girlfriends do New Year gifts. "Service staff said, Love yarn Baby Magic Bra powerful, high technology, affordable, fabrics are environmentally friendly from the inside out, natural, such as bamboo carbon fiber, cotton, memory steel Circle like the popular.

Why love yarn baby magic ring bra so popular? Insiders told reporters that on this issue, the secret in the steel ring, because love yarn baby bra with memory alloy, memory alloy has three significant features: First, anti-corrosion, not allergic. Memory underwear ring, made of nickel-titanium memory alloy, the main component is nickel and titanium, titanium is a pure metal, because of titanium metal "pure", so the material and it contacts, does not produce chemical reaction, In other words, because of titanium's corrosion resistance, high stability, make it in long-term contact with the human body does not affect its essence, will not cause the human body allergy, it is the only human plant nerves and taste have no effect on the metal , Also known as "pro-biological metal." Second, high toughness, super elasticity. Memory alloy with high toughness and superelasticity, with its processing underwear ring, lighter than the traditional high-carbon steel, softer, wear stainless steel ring after the crush, there will be no deep indentation , So as to maintain the normal functioning of the blood of the breast site, long-term memory bra can effectively prevent the incidence of breast cancer. Third, there is memory, no distortion. Nitinol is a temperature sensitive material with biocompatible and shape memory properties. It is close to the human body temperature will be automatically restored after heat treatment stereotypes bra state, not only beautiful and stable, but also has super resilience performance, never deformation. This winter, female friends can abandon the discomfort of the stainless steel rims bras, put on the magic ring / memory bra, decompression to their chest, to the breast with the most healthy and comfortable care.

It is understood that the memory of the steel ring through the magnetic field and other physical factors to stimulate the body to stimulate the acupuncture meridians to make the body's blood to expand blood to speed up blood and lymph flow prayer to speed up tissue metabolism and enhance tissue nutrition to reduce muscle tone and accelerate the absorption of histopathological products and The role of cell regeneration to speed up, so suffering from breast disease in women, magic ring / memory bra is a good choice, but also reflects their love.

Breast is a symbol of women's charm, a beautiful chest, how to wear clothes are good-looking. Women should love themselves, to have the capital to let others love you. Women are afraid of cold animals, in the cold winter, give yourself a super comfortable and healthy magic ring bra can achieve traceless, zero pressure plastic chest, but also can ease and prevent breast disease, really serve multiple purposes Oh!

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