The coin market remains weak

Near the Spring Festival, the gold coin market continued the weak market pattern, and the transaction was relatively weak. Affected by the demand for gifts, the zodiac variety was still the main hot spot in the market. The bank note market showed signs of stabilization at the beginning and there were bargain-hunting buying concerns. The commemorative currency in circulation has been relatively stable in recent days, and the Lunar New Year has become a hot spot.

As the Spring Festival time approaches, the gift spending of the Chinese zodiac gold and silver coins has entered the most prosperous season. Recently, foreign sea gold franchise dealers have seized the opportunity to place supplies in the secondary market, and the price of the Lunar New Year animal gold and silver coins has dropped significantly. The color silver dragon market price this week fell back to around 2,700 yuan. The real gold and silver dragon is near 4,300 yuan, and the color gold and silver dragon is around 4400 yuan this week. The market price of the 5-oz color silver dragon fell below the 7,000 yuan mark, and the 5-oz colored gold dragon appeared under pressure from around 110,000 yuan.

After several months of decline, the paper currency market has shown signs of stabilizing. Recently, there has been bargain-hunting buying. The 50-year market price of the 80-year edition is stable at around 4,000 yuan. The early popular varieties of the 80-year edition fell by more than 50% to 2 yuan, and there are currently a few transactions near 35 yuan. The 90-year edition had a maximum market price of around $40 last year, and there are currently buying concerns around $16.

Relative to the paper currency market, the adjustment of circulating commemorative coins is relatively moderate. Recently, the demand for gift collections has led to the growth of the Lunar New Year zodiac currency in the market. Among them, the market price of the leading breed of Lunar New Year sheep was around 175 yuan, and the trading activity was active. The market price of Lunar New Year rabbits was around 22 yuan.

Although some types of numismatics have recently caused concern over buying because of oversold prices, the volume is still not satisfactory and it is expected that it will be difficult to generate continuous hot spots. In general, the entire coin market is in a weak market pattern, and the market has a wait-and-see atmosphere.

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